Looking for a professional cost-effective way to deliver or store your freight?

We can offer you a full range of intermodal terminal services for the Eastern Balkans region. Within a central location between the European union, The Balkan Peninsula and the CIS States, we are your connection between Europe and Asia.

Our services include but are not limited to:

• Shunting and Towing of Freight Trains
• Last Mile – Road Delivery Services
• Intermodal Transport Units Storage and Handling
• Cargo Storage and Handling
• Cargo Transshipment
• Container Steam Heating
• Container Connecting to Electricity
• Customs Services

Facilities that we can provide:

• 2 Reach Stackers and 1 Forklift
• 3 Railway Lines, 600 meters each
• 2 Hectares of Concrete Platform
• Storage Capacity for 100 Semi-Trailers
• Parking Spaces for Cars and Trucks
• 24/7 Hour Security and Surveillance

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