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Intermodal Services is a company specialized in logistics and intermodal services. We are the owners of the first private terminal in the Prahova county, therefore having the possibility to provide a wide range of terminal services, transport consulting, handling and storage services in the region.

In November 2011, our establishment was set up in the city of Ploiesti, Prahova county, by Alinso Group Nv Belgium with the purpose of providing professional solutions for intermodal logistics. In October 2018 the terminal was taken over by Intermodal Services SRL, a subsidiary of the Swiss family owned company, Bertschi AG.


Professionalism — We pride ourselves with qualified personnel, trained to solve any of our clients' and partners' logistical needs with professionalism.

Integrity — We work under the aegis of a company with of Swiss origin, involved in global and multicultural projects where respect is always at the forefront of our activities. Our promises are always respected and kept.

Passion — We find ourselves in continuous expansion due to our passion for logistics, teamwork and the development of interpersonal professional relations.

Efficiency — We are always ready to provide optimal solutions to our clients with swiftness and effectiveness.

Our Partners

Rail Services

We provide professional terminal services. Thanks to our proven experience in the intermodal field and due to our specialized equipment, we are at your disposal with shunting and towing services for trains, loading and unloading of intermodal transport units as well as transshipment of cargo.


Road Services

We are at your disposal with terminal services for your road freight transport requirements. Alongside our storage possibilites, we also have trucks and personnel available for the freight transshipment and it's transfer to your end users. We can provide such services as last mile transportation efficiently and economically in the Ploiesti vicinity.

Storage Services

We offer storage and handling solutions of all intermodal transport unit types: tank containers, semi-trailers, reefers, swap-body and containers of all sizes: 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft and 45 ft. Our actual storage capacity is 1028 TEU, soon to be extended to 4900 TEU. We are also specialized and able to ensure the storage and transport of dangerous goods.


A Strategically Positioned Terminal

Our terminal has direct access to the National Road 72 - DN72 with exit to the National Road 1 - DN1, the National Road 1A - DN1A and the Bucharest - Ploiesti Highway - A3. We are located within the Ploiesti Industrial Park, near the Ploiesti Customs Offices and Ploiesti West Park with storage spaces and halls, parking spaces for cars and trucks, temperature-controlled warehouses, security and surveillance as well as advanced equipment for the intermodal logistics field.

Our terminal is strategically positioned, providing you with unique opportunities for networking and exchange between different areas in which we can provide logistical services. Here are the advantages!

◎ A central location between the European Union, the Balkan Peninsula and the CIS States

◎ A communications hub between Western Europe and Asia

◎ Crossed by 2 pan-European transport corridors, namely IV and IX

◎ The pan-European corridor VII is also in close proximity


What facilities do we provide?

Railway Lines

We have 3 railway lines, with a length of 600 meters each, at your disposal.

Concrete Platform

Our terminal has a 2 hectare concrete platform, soon to be extended to 10 hectares.

Storage Capacity

We provide a storage capacity of 1028 TEU, soon to be extended to 4900 TEU.

Parking Spaces

On-site, there are 350 square meters of parking spaces for cars, trucks and semi-trailers.

Professional Equipment

2 Reach Stackers and 1 forklift are available on-site, with a lifting capacity of 45 tons respectively 2.5 tons.

Security and Surveillance

We provide 24/7 security, video surveillance and guarded parking.

We are the partner that meets your logistical needs.

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Modal Location


Strada Cubului 7J, Construcția C13,

Etaj 1, Birou 5, Ploiești 100213